As one of the few arcade runners on PlayStation 4, the Trackmania Turbo is packed with racy action. The short and high flying courses are tight and very addictive to learn while aiming for this perfect career hard to reach. Multiplayer is even better, with many options for playing in competition or in cooperation, including ps4 games download a two-player player.

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Campaign In addition, there is support for PSVR and a course creator, with which you can create your own vomit tracks. With their sophisticated time tests and simple controls, the emotions seeker should definitely take a look.

Scalextric In a fantastic environment, Tiny Trax uses PlayStation VR to integrate into the coolest gaming space in history, creating a comfortable and immersive virtual reality racing experience that allows vehicles to compete around you. The gameplay is easy to learn, but it is an outrageous challenge to master because it allows you to find the optimal point of the turns to maximize acceleration while reloading your swing. There is not much content, but the excellent use of virtual reality makes it one of the newest racing games for PS4.

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The kind of antigravity racing is gone for a while, but he has come back with a vengeance in recent years. Redout is one of those so-called WipEouts, and it was a pleasant surprise. We were particularly captivated by its excellent sound design, sense of speed and intense boss racing. Although he may not have the finesse in his design for which his inspiration is famous, he is a fun and frenetic runner that deserves to be tried.

Codemasters followed the famous DiRT Rally with a game intended for a wider audience that was largely successful. DiRT 4 may miss the laser focus of its predecessor, but the exquisite rally is present and correct, and it’s great if you opt ps4 themes for the Sim style or if you’re more tolerant of the “gamer” mode. It also extends the reach beyond pure rally, offering rallycross, simpler dirt racing at Landrush events and more. The extra modes are pretty good, but rally events A to B fly the show easily.