Some candle formations give early warning signals about the future price movement, especially when they correspond to other factors in the table.

The technical operators analyze the result of the specific sail patterns that have occurred in the past and look for repetitions that give the same results over time.

There are very popular candlestick patterns models that are used today in markets that are hunted by traders because they are known to produce certain results that we can use, such as price reversals or unlocking.

My Battle Station tool acts as a powerful indicator for detecting candles for MT4.
It has the ability to recognize popular candle formations and perform various quality checks, which helps filter out low quality signals.
The advantage here is that the combat station can monitor the market’s tick-by-tick, and once a high-quality candlestick pattern is detected, you’ll be notified either:
Notification on your iPhone / Android device
Notification by e-mail
MT4 internal alarm

Best signals  indicator pattern

Classic Pin Bar
Refuse the candle
Envelope candle ,Outdoor sails ,Bullish Piercing (added on request, disabled by default)
Dark Cloud Cover (added on demand, disabled by default)
This is the most popular set of candlesticks used by price operators in the current market, including our war room operators.

For most combat station functions, there are a number of options for drawing the chart and a number of options for the notification system.

In this guide, I’ll explain the candelabra detection capabilities of my Battle Station and how it can help you in your business.
Main switch
I have provided two “master” switches to record investment signals and send notifications regarding new investment signals.

If you turn off one of the main switches, no matter what settings you have at the bottom of the list, it’s like removing the power cord from the wall. If the master switches are disabled, the functions they control are disabled.

A power switch is a quick way for an operator to quickly disable a feature without having to go through all the individual options.

There are a number of key switches for: candle patterns for investment
indoor candles
Doji candles
Small group events
For each group, there are separate main switches for the drawing module and the notification module
The most watched forex indicators class of candlesticks is the investment group for a reason.

It can be very lucrative to capture a good candle reversal signal that has value and context in the recent price action.

The combat station can detect the following inversion signals: