Cloth mats tend to have the reputation of being fragile, often breaking or easily disintegrating. But SteelSeries Dex is a star. It’s tough, with a textured fabric surface and a durable silicone bottom to survive washing the machine.

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Since the fabric upper is almost stiff, best gaming mouse 2018 the Dex does not feel cheap or loose. Even after long series of tests, we found no deformation or cracking, as one would expect from a standard carpet. And when it gets dirty, you can go through a standard wash cycle and you’re done: a clean swab.

More importantly, using this mouse pad makes the movement of the mouse gentle and consistent. There is no noticeable trace and the pillow stays calm even during fast or excessive movements.
The most important (and common) type of mouse for games is the fabric carpet. They are flexible (literally) so you can place them anywhere, be it a desk or an armrest. They are also very portable. The only downside is the lack of sustainability.

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The most demanding users may want to see rigid mats. They come in a variety of materials, from hard plastics to steel and aluminum. But the increase in hardness also means a loss of flexibility (again, literally), and therefore it is difficult to use difficult carpets on any kind of uneven surface.

Obviously, the best type for your needs is a combination of the way you want to use it and how long the pad should last. If you spend most of your time at home and want to keep your mouse on a desk at all times, you do not have to worry so much about sustainability. But if you’re constantly on the move and need to put it in a shoulder bag, you might want cheap gaming mouse a pillow that can withstand the usual abuse.
If you want to see other options, below you will find revisions in the form of a capsule of all mouse mats that we have evaluated so far. Be sure to come back as we continue to add to this list and update our best selections as a new featured product crosses our offices.