In these moments we are living a situation of uncertainty due to multiple factors, one of them is the lack of a clear vision of what we look for in our life. This happens at all levels of society.

We do not have a study to support it, but in our observation of the environment and in our work with businessmen and managers or people and teams, we have observed that those who are able to clearly define what they are looking for and establish an action plan to carry it out they feel much more sure of themselves, they know where they are at every moment and end up achieving results far superior to those that do not.

Of this, small, unfortunately, number of people, some obtain superior results and are usually those who have someone who helps them in their purpose, follows them, encourage them, motivate them and demands that they fulfill their commitments.

This figure has received many names throughout history: teacher, mentor, preceptor, tutor or even spiritual director, if we talk about aspects of the faith. Nowadays it has become fashionable to call us coach.

Just as not all musicians play all instruments, not all coaches are trained to work in all fields. It is not the same to help an athlete as a top manager, an artist that a person who wants to change jobs, a politician that the owner of a small business and so on and so on.

A Business Coach Melbourne is someone who listens, supports, helps, motivates, focuses, demands and accompanies any person in the pursuit of their professional objectives, in the development of their business.

A coach does not change things by himself, but it helps you to define what you really pursue in your professional field and helps you to achieve it. Can you lose weight without going to an endocrine? Do you improve your career brands without a coach or learn a language for yourself? Of course, but someone who accompanies you and helps you makes it easier for you to get it.

If you want to achieve your professional goals, a business coach is a right person to work with you … and, from my experience, I recommend that you look for a certificate in Business Coaching and experience in business management, it is not an absolute guarantee, but it increases your chances of success.